Thursday, January 8, 2009


On January first i began baking a batch of muffins every day. I was prompted to begin this project by a friend in Pittsburgh who is instigating a happening called fun-a-day. Fun-a-Day started in Philadelphia 5 years ago. Last year Pittsburgh hopped on and this year San Fran Bay is joining in
. What began as simply participation on my part has turned into a personal project with numerous manifestations and amazingly exciting possibilities.

I plan to blog every day about the muffin from that day. We are 8 days in so i have a bit of catching up to do. I will include a photo of a muffin from each batch. I will also be preserving that muffin and ultimately displaying all 31 preserved muffins in an exhibition. Along with a photo i will include the recipe for each muffins. Some
of these recipes are completely original and some are veganized amalgamations of recipes found in old cook books and the internet. Yes, all the muffins are vegan. So when i refer to "milk" i mean soy/almond, "Butter" i mean vegan margarine, "Eggs" i mean 2tbs flax+3tbs water (my favorite egg substitute).

Ok. Here goes nothing...

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