Sunday, February 1, 2009

Frank's Mix

So this video cuts out at the end...ill get the kinks worked out. Come dance with me everyday from 215-245 in the Siegfried lobby.

-Nightmare of You - 'herbal jazz cigarette'

-the Fashion - 'dead boys'

-Mark Mothersbaugh (life aquatic soundtrack) - 'ping island/lightning strike rescue op'

-Jonezetta - 'get ready(hot machete)'

-Hooliganship - 'track 4'

-The Killers - 'on top'

-The Smiths - 'suedehead'

-Nikkfurie - 'the a la menthe'

-The Fashion - 'mathematics'

1 comment:

  1. Dear Cait: You did it. More adorable, but not in any demeaning way, than dancing with a roll of newsprint. Also, pausing everyone near the end of the dance video, while they are in mid-jump, makes for yummy visuals.
    I can't wait to dance with you!