Friday, February 6, 2009

Leanne's Mix!

I received the mix in the form of a tape. It came from my good friend Leanne. I was titled "Mad Mike", it came with a song list and a short description of the contents:

"Mad Mike was an infamous pgh dj. he'd host dances and teens went wild! some songs were banned in certain clubs in pgh because kids would dance too crazy to them! motorcycles gangs would fight at the dances and mike's songs were rare. this is what he'd play. dance yr heart ou and turn it up real loud!!"

I did both those things today.

It was a blast.

Tomorrow im heading out to the abandoned box cars along the bike path to Nelsonville. I am going to leave on my bicycle from the seigfied lobby parking lot at 1:45 on the dot. If you want to come you should be there at 1:30. Or you can meet me at the box cars. Come anytime during the half hour. Its going to be sweet!

Thanks to everyone who has be coming to dance. I hope you're having as much fun as i am.

Video will be up ASAP.

Play list:

Sonic - Psyche
Silvertones - Get it
Scott Wood - Chicken Rock
Ronnie Cook and the Gaylads - the goo goo muck
Belltones - swingin' little chicky
Little ike - she can rock
Aqua nites - carioca
King Rock and the Knights - send di
Saucers - Cha wailey routa
Eddie Jones - Cerrtainly all
Calvin Cool - el telecote
Patrice Holloway - do the del Viking
Instramental - Chop Suey Rock

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  1. cait!
    finally got to watch this.. so awesome!
    you all look like your having a lot of fun!!