Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eleanor's Mix

I think that i have figured this uploading thing out. Its 430 and i am already starting to up load. Quality might be a little crappier. I am getting my new video camera in the mail on the 10th i am stoked. its going to make all of this a heck of alot easier.

Dancing rocked today but i should have been more clear to the participants of the range of the camera. Everyone is dance far to the right the whole time. We did make good use of the stair way though. Go Charlie.

Finding places to dance is becoming an important and exciting aspect of this dancing project. I emailed the Baker Center and they are going to work with me on setting up some dancing days there. If anyone has any suggests Id love to hear them.

Tomorrow I will be in the amphitheater on the side of the scripts building.

Saturday I am going to dance on top of the abandoned rail cars off the bike path to Nelsonville. I know its sort of a hike but its going to be spectacular.

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  1. cait this is so awesome..
    i sent you a mix in the mail, i hope you got it!