Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jacob's Mix

AHHHH. near disaster.

#1 bobb wakes up late
#2 bike path covered in treacherous ice that i choose to terrifyingly ride through
#3 Max's bike chain brakes en route and he bails
#4 Camera falls over!!!! (gets only a little wet...sorry Melissa...)

Fortunately very shortly after the camera took a tumble Jeff the miracle man shows up, shock proof/water proof digital camera in hand. Amazing.

He sets it up and we get back to dancing.

So i have only got the first 13 minutes to post. Hopefully i get whats on jeffs camera by tomorrow. But no worries i did dance for 30 minutes. even though i was late getting started and had a short intermission.

P.S. i made 3 batches i muffins today...i couldn't help myself

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