Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bobb's Mix

Its 7pm and i have been in the @lab for 4 hours trying to get this video up. Every day something goes wrong. When i got to the lab someone was using the hardware i needed. When i got my turn the first time i tried to upload the video from the camera the computer ran out of disk space so it stopped. We decided to do the second half separately and then piece the two together. great right? except the first half didn't "letter box" (convert to wide screen) and the second did. Redo. that all took about two hours. So then i moved computers. Started over. An hour later its off the camera. ten minutes later its on my lap top. a half an hour later its in a internet ready format. Now i wait probably another hour for the video to load on to this blog.

BUTTTTT the dance today was AWESOME!

props to bob for a sweet mix

I am way into this whole changing locations thing. It brings into the project a whole new asthetic component.

P.S. its now 9 and the video just got done

Play List!

1. The Gang's Back Again - Kool & the Gang
2. Glory in Itself / Egyptian -Gang GAng Dance
3. Symphony No. 7 in D, KV 45 (Allegro) -Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
4. Assassins -Lightning Bolt
5. Kebogiro Penganten -Yogyakarta Musicians (exact name of ensemble unknown)
6. Live at Empty Bottle, Chicago (2/13/05) -John Wiese
7. Primavera - Esquivel
8. Skeleton Jangle -The Original Dixieland Jazz Band

1 comment:

  1. it sounds like the MAN is trying to keep you down!
    well.. . you just keep on dancin... cuz i knoooooww thatttttchyyaaa willll!
    today was a good IN YOUR FACE video. ESPECCIIAALLLYYY at about 11:46!!!