Thursday, February 12, 2009

Elodie's Mix

Today was fantastic! 4th floor of the baker center directly as soon as you walk in. However....the battery on the camera died 2 minutes in. I cant win...but ask any of the 100s of people that witness our dancing today and they will tell you "stupendous". It really makes me want to dance in more populated places. Id love to dance in the Kroger. Elodie suggested on top of cars in the walmart parking lot. oh oh farmers market on Saturday??? maybe. Tomorrow I was thinking parking garage but ill be at the ridges for new media crit so i think i will dance up there.

There were some choice interactions today also, one in particular with a boy as we were leaving went sort of as follows:

Boy: did you get kicked out?
Me: oh no its just that i only dance from 2:15-2:45
Boy: What?
Me: Every day from 2:15-2:45 i dance
Boy: Why? (with a sort of disgusted face)
Me: Because...for
Charlie: (to boy) "Life in art" man... with should take that class
Boy: ugh dude my friends in that... nah thanks...i only take class i gotta take ya know wha mean
Charlie: yeah yeah sure.

There was also a kid who was way cool. gave us props. mostly people just watched and laughed it was awesome.

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  1. i just realized i don't wake up until well fter you dance on 90% of my life...