Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tony G's Mix

there was this quote in one of my Feminist Rhetoric readings the other day that i instantly wrote down in my note book and as i sit here in the library waiting for this video to load i am reading Art and Feminism there the same quote is. I'm telling you at this point it pretty much sums things up for me...

"It's not my revolution if i can't dance to it."~Emma Goodman in Angry Women (1991)


oopps macro focus switch got switched...whole things outa focus....

I want to dance in baker tomorrow but if not ill be under the Siegfried over pass but facing the mural this time.

I need inside ideas for bad weather!

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  1. inside idea: dance at the swimming pool we went too.. you could dance on the side and have some sweet dives in the middle.. think about it!