Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Max's Mix

As you can see from the time stamp this email was sent approximately 4 minutes after i finished dancing today.

Sent Tue, 3 Feb 2009 14:49:26 -0500

We reserved Mitchell Auditorium everyday, with the exception of a few
days, from 2:00 - 3:00 for your project. XXXXX (important person of authority) asked that you dance in the auditorium, rather than in the foyer. If you want to write
something up, or send me an email with the information about your
project, I will be more than happy to forward it on to the whole
school of art.
XXXXXX (office staff member in office of important person of authority)

My Response:

XXXXXX(office staff member in office of important person of authority),

One of the crucial aspects of this project is the organic interaction with the
public. Dancing in the auditorium would not be appropriate. I am sorry if there
was a miss communication about where the dancing was going to take place. I did
not anticipate this project would be such a distraction for the office staff. It
was not my intent to disrupt your working environment.

You can take my name off of the calendar for February. I have decided to make
other arrangements.

Thank you for the offer of the mass email but that is not a channel I am
choosing to use to inform people about the project.


Back story:

Last week I went to the office told the staff who were present that i wanted to dance in the lobby everyday for the month of February and asked if i could sign out the space for a specific time. We identified 2-3pm as the only time there was not a class in the adjacent auditorium. I obviously couldnt dance when there was a class going on right out side the room ( the doors are kept open). So the office staff person put my name down for that time slot in Mitchell. I apparently i did not go through the right channels and some people/person are/is feeling as though they need to assert their authority.

Change of Plan:
From now on I will change locations of the dancing every day. I will post on the blog the day before up to the time of the dance where it is going to be. I will face book status it, twitter it, text it, if i know you, call me, ill tell you where its going to be, hell if i dont know you ask for my phone number!

Its still going to be from 2:15 to 2:45.

I feel like this is going to be a good thing.

Seriously!? "Footloose" anyone?

Tomorrow I will be on the steps of the underpass between the two parts of the siegfried building. Eff the Cold. Bring your mittens and scarves.

I just want to dance.

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  1. this is genius.
    keep up the good work, m'lady.