Saturday, February 28, 2009

and so it begins...

Jon Royal's Mix

last day of dancing. fantastic.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tess's Mix

Tomorrow Last Day. Gate to the Green. College st and unionst. Get there!

ahhh the finger dance. sickness has gotten to my sanity.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

this is the im sick feet dance.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eric's Mix!

On the Mya lin Sculpture. this mix was fully ska, completely exhausting, and totally awesome!

tomorrow ill be at the skate park!

The elevator was phenomenal. The filming was difficult but the response was really great. I was nervous the whole time because we hadn't asked permission but it no one kicked us out

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Olivia's Mix!

new favorite thing someone in passing said:

"its like a dream i had once"

dancing in the school of art elevator

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Deann's Mix!

We danced at the library today!!! good mix and good people had a new stranger come and dance for most of the time. A stranger asked "why are you dancing" after the person left Carrie came up with the perfect response "why aren't you?"

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kris's friend's mix!

I danced at the ridges today was REVIEW DAY. I was incredibly stress out but when i dance all the goes away. The mix is a friend of a friends who's name i dont know, sorry for the lack of credit but it was a sweet mix all the same!

Saturday ill be in front of the second floor of the library that is if they dont decided to blow leaves again when i am trying to dance!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

kris's mix

It was sooooo cold. and the cd skipped and people in the door music battled us but a passerby joined in so i say its a win!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Julie's Mix!

yes julie i finally danced to your mix. It would have been better if i had a cd. the playlist web site cut off some of the songs and bobb had to add a song to the end so that it would last for 30 minutes.

It was the first time i started by myself. I thought i might dance by myself for the whole time but the quite a few people showed up.

weather is going to be yucky for the next few days. Tomorrow ill be...ok i dont know yet but ill figure it out shortly.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tony G's Mix

there was this quote in one of my Feminist Rhetoric readings the other day that i instantly wrote down in my note book and as i sit here in the library waiting for this video to load i am reading Art and Feminism there the same quote is. I'm telling you at this point it pretty much sums things up for me...

"It's not my revolution if i can't dance to it."~Emma Goodman in Angry Women (1991)


oopps macro focus switch got switched...whole things outa focus....

I want to dance in baker tomorrow but if not ill be under the Siegfried over pass but facing the mural this time.

I need inside ideas for bad weather!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Matt Krueger's mix!

What an awesome mix...and so many unexpected dancers. We got a stranger to dance and someone from some paper maybe im not sure he took some pictures and got some info from Danielle. Also danced for a couple OU touring groups. Bet they're definitely going to seriously consider OU now.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Adam's Mix!

Melissa had the notion of going and dancing in a circle of head stones at one of the grave yards at the ridges (old insane asylum that now houses an art museum, university offices, and grad studios). When we got to the grave yard there were some people around, i realized that it was a sunday and also noticed the head stones were on an uncomfortably steep slope...sooo....we went down to the bottom to the hill and the head stones are just in the background. It worked out well i think. Adams mix by the way...awesome...I was quite impressed.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Carrie's Mix

On top of the parking garage! sweet moves. carries almost threw up but other than that...awesome. I will actually be dancing up at the ridges tomorrow. Meet me there at 2 if your down.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Emily's mix

This is a solo video...i could not leave the at lab for fear of my dvd screwing up for the 5th time (which it did any way) so i danced in their blue room. Then i was in a crit from 4-11pm so that's why this is just going up today. Sorry to leave any of you hanging...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Elodie's Mix

Today was fantastic! 4th floor of the baker center directly as soon as you walk in. However....the battery on the camera died 2 minutes in. I cant win...but ask any of the 100s of people that witness our dancing today and they will tell you "stupendous". It really makes me want to dance in more populated places. Id love to dance in the Kroger. Elodie suggested on top of cars in the walmart parking lot. oh oh farmers market on Saturday??? maybe. Tomorrow I was thinking parking garage but ill be at the ridges for new media crit so i think i will dance up there.

There were some choice interactions today also, one in particular with a boy as we were leaving went sort of as follows:

Boy: did you get kicked out?
Me: oh no its just that i only dance from 2:15-2:45
Boy: What?
Me: Every day from 2:15-2:45 i dance
Boy: Why? (with a sort of disgusted face)
Me: Because...for
Charlie: (to boy) "Life in art" man... with should take that class
Boy: ugh dude my friends in that... nah thanks...i only take class i gotta take ya know wha mean
Charlie: yeah yeah sure.

There was also a kid who was way cool. gave us props. mostly people just watched and laughed it was awesome.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jenny's Mix!

My video camera was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Apparently I did not put an apartment number on the order. I found this out on the tracking web site. So I called the ups people and after a lot of negotiation they said the soonest i could pick it up from the local ups place. BUMMER! so then im pushing my bike up the alley at around 9am and i get a call from the local place, they grabbed it off the truck in time. My car was parked in so i rode my bike out, only a few miles. So i finally have my camera.

The weather person said storms all day. I planned to dance on my bed. The weather person lied. So bobb and I danced on his roof instead.

AHHH!!! i cant get the stinkin video up!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Charlie's Mix

Baker!!!! Charlies mix was super funny. I wish there had been more engagement with the public. Thursday we will be on the 4th floor so there will be more interaction. Max is stoked hes not going to be there. Haven't decided on tomorrow yet. The weather is going to be nasty so it will have to be somewhere inside. or under cover at least.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mary's Mix

The day the batteries died...thank you max for saving my butt.

This was one of the more public spaces that i have danced. I think its important to put myself into different spaces. There was a lot of horn honking and some staring today. Two new faces. I am trying to find a balance between public exposure and aesthetic environment.

Tomorrow ill be on the second floor of baker outside of the theatre.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cliff's Mix

Second tape by mail mix!

I was a little late today. Had to wait for some film kids to get off the steps. But dancing was sick. Friends of friends dancing! this shits blowin' up!

Plus Melissa camera suffered no permanent damage which enabled the actually filming today.

Tomorrow im going to dance at the entrance to the Green where college st meets union.

be there!

Play list:

Glenn Miller - Here we go
Again Various - Beach Ball
Jamiroia - Cosmic Girl
Kings of Ledin - Wasted time
Dexxs Midnight Romers - Come on Eileen
Glenn Miller - In the mood
Mary J Blige - Real Love
DHT - Listen to your heart

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jacob's Mix

AHHHH. near disaster.

#1 bobb wakes up late
#2 bike path covered in treacherous ice that i choose to terrifyingly ride through
#3 Max's bike chain brakes en route and he bails
#4 Camera falls over!!!! (gets only a little wet...sorry Melissa...)

Fortunately very shortly after the camera took a tumble Jeff the miracle man shows up, shock proof/water proof digital camera in hand. Amazing.

He sets it up and we get back to dancing.

So i have only got the first 13 minutes to post. Hopefully i get whats on jeffs camera by tomorrow. But no worries i did dance for 30 minutes. even though i was late getting started and had a short intermission.

P.S. i made 3 batches i muffins today...i couldn't help myself

Friday, February 6, 2009

Leanne's Mix!

I received the mix in the form of a tape. It came from my good friend Leanne. I was titled "Mad Mike", it came with a song list and a short description of the contents:

"Mad Mike was an infamous pgh dj. he'd host dances and teens went wild! some songs were banned in certain clubs in pgh because kids would dance too crazy to them! motorcycles gangs would fight at the dances and mike's songs were rare. this is what he'd play. dance yr heart ou and turn it up real loud!!"

I did both those things today.

It was a blast.

Tomorrow im heading out to the abandoned box cars along the bike path to Nelsonville. I am going to leave on my bicycle from the seigfied lobby parking lot at 1:45 on the dot. If you want to come you should be there at 1:30. Or you can meet me at the box cars. Come anytime during the half hour. Its going to be sweet!

Thanks to everyone who has be coming to dance. I hope you're having as much fun as i am.

Video will be up ASAP.

Play list:

Sonic - Psyche
Silvertones - Get it
Scott Wood - Chicken Rock
Ronnie Cook and the Gaylads - the goo goo muck
Belltones - swingin' little chicky
Little ike - she can rock
Aqua nites - carioca
King Rock and the Knights - send di
Saucers - Cha wailey routa
Eddie Jones - Cerrtainly all
Calvin Cool - el telecote
Patrice Holloway - do the del Viking
Instramental - Chop Suey Rock

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eleanor's Mix

I think that i have figured this uploading thing out. Its 430 and i am already starting to up load. Quality might be a little crappier. I am getting my new video camera in the mail on the 10th i am stoked. its going to make all of this a heck of alot easier.

Dancing rocked today but i should have been more clear to the participants of the range of the camera. Everyone is dance far to the right the whole time. We did make good use of the stair way though. Go Charlie.

Finding places to dance is becoming an important and exciting aspect of this dancing project. I emailed the Baker Center and they are going to work with me on setting up some dancing days there. If anyone has any suggests Id love to hear them.

Tomorrow I will be in the amphitheater on the side of the scripts building.

Saturday I am going to dance on top of the abandoned rail cars off the bike path to Nelsonville. I know its sort of a hike but its going to be spectacular.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bobb's Mix

Its 7pm and i have been in the @lab for 4 hours trying to get this video up. Every day something goes wrong. When i got to the lab someone was using the hardware i needed. When i got my turn the first time i tried to upload the video from the camera the computer ran out of disk space so it stopped. We decided to do the second half separately and then piece the two together. great right? except the first half didn't "letter box" (convert to wide screen) and the second did. Redo. that all took about two hours. So then i moved computers. Started over. An hour later its off the camera. ten minutes later its on my lap top. a half an hour later its in a internet ready format. Now i wait probably another hour for the video to load on to this blog.

BUTTTTT the dance today was AWESOME!

props to bob for a sweet mix

I am way into this whole changing locations thing. It brings into the project a whole new asthetic component.

P.S. its now 9 and the video just got done

Play List!

1. The Gang's Back Again - Kool & the Gang
2. Glory in Itself / Egyptian -Gang GAng Dance
3. Symphony No. 7 in D, KV 45 (Allegro) -Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
4. Assassins -Lightning Bolt
5. Kebogiro Penganten -Yogyakarta Musicians (exact name of ensemble unknown)
6. Live at Empty Bottle, Chicago (2/13/05) -John Wiese
7. Primavera - Esquivel
8. Skeleton Jangle -The Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Max's Mix

As you can see from the time stamp this email was sent approximately 4 minutes after i finished dancing today.

Sent Tue, 3 Feb 2009 14:49:26 -0500

We reserved Mitchell Auditorium everyday, with the exception of a few
days, from 2:00 - 3:00 for your project. XXXXX (important person of authority) asked that you dance in the auditorium, rather than in the foyer. If you want to write
something up, or send me an email with the information about your
project, I will be more than happy to forward it on to the whole
school of art.
XXXXXX (office staff member in office of important person of authority)

My Response:

XXXXXX(office staff member in office of important person of authority),

One of the crucial aspects of this project is the organic interaction with the
public. Dancing in the auditorium would not be appropriate. I am sorry if there
was a miss communication about where the dancing was going to take place. I did
not anticipate this project would be such a distraction for the office staff. It
was not my intent to disrupt your working environment.

You can take my name off of the calendar for February. I have decided to make
other arrangements.

Thank you for the offer of the mass email but that is not a channel I am
choosing to use to inform people about the project.


Back story:

Last week I went to the office told the staff who were present that i wanted to dance in the lobby everyday for the month of February and asked if i could sign out the space for a specific time. We identified 2-3pm as the only time there was not a class in the adjacent auditorium. I obviously couldnt dance when there was a class going on right out side the room ( the doors are kept open). So the office staff person put my name down for that time slot in Mitchell. I apparently i did not go through the right channels and some people/person are/is feeling as though they need to assert their authority.

Change of Plan:
From now on I will change locations of the dancing every day. I will post on the blog the day before up to the time of the dance where it is going to be. I will face book status it, twitter it, text it, if i know you, call me, ill tell you where its going to be, hell if i dont know you ask for my phone number!

Its still going to be from 2:15 to 2:45.

I feel like this is going to be a good thing.

Seriously!? "Footloose" anyone?

Tomorrow I will be on the steps of the underpass between the two parts of the siegfried building. Eff the Cold. Bring your mittens and scarves.

I just want to dance.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jason's mix

Will be up ASAP. I am having technical difficulties. So far: dance=fun Computers=dumb

Untitled from Cait Nolan on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Frank's Mix

So this video cuts out at the end...ill get the kinks worked out. Come dance with me everyday from 215-245 in the Siegfried lobby.

-Nightmare of You - 'herbal jazz cigarette'

-the Fashion - 'dead boys'

-Mark Mothersbaugh (life aquatic soundtrack) - 'ping island/lightning strike rescue op'

-Jonezetta - 'get ready(hot machete)'

-Hooliganship - 'track 4'

-The Killers - 'on top'

-The Smiths - 'suedehead'

-Nikkfurie - 'the a la menthe'

-The Fashion - 'mathematics'