Monday, March 2, 2009


I first was introduced to this natural alternative to sugar in a small vegan cafe restaurant I was working at in Emmaus, PA. Balasia, if your ever in that neck of the woods you should for sure check the place out.

I did a little research and due to some crazy FDA regulation stevia products must be labeled as a dietary supplement and their sweetness can not in anyway be mentioned. It was only recently that a full out ban on the plant was lifted...seriously what the FDA chooses to "protect" us from.

Also from what i have been reading ill be luck to get my stevia seeds to germinate. They like soil on the warmer side. Unfortunately the art building powers-that-be preemtively turned off the buildings heat, clearly not anticipating the sudden drop to sub freezing temperatures. I may go buy a heating pad to stick under the seedling flats to give them a bit of climate cusion.

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